• Journey through Myself

    What happens inside myself?
    To get to the bottom of this question was the challenge in this task.

    A camera goes along with blood cells, bacteria and viruses on their way through the human vascular system.

    >> VIDEO

  • still life

    My first project in Autodesk Maya was intended to get to know the user interface of the program. I applied different modelling techniques.

    The result should resemble a still life of Georgio Morandi.

  • Polys fight Nurbs

    In this task different animation techniques in Maya should be applied.

    On this occasion, it is not about a perfect Modeling of realistic objects, just the opposite is the case.

    >> VIDEO

  • Poly Industries

    The objects became more and more realistically, the setting greater and greater. While modeling there rised the most different ideas for the story and compositing.

    >> VIDEO